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Back From the Conference!

I’m finally, semi, settled back into life since being back from the UOAA ostomy conference in Reno.

It was a great 5 days full of amazing people, seminars, fun events, and food (so much good food!) Positive ostomy energy was everywhere!

While I was there, I helped run a few seminars for the young adults, I stood with Rob Hill at the IDEAS booth in the exhibit hall alongside the product vendors, and I gave the closing ceremony speech at the end of the week on “defeating the stigma.”

It was a fun week but it was definitely overwhelming. I hadn’t expected so many people to know who I was, let alone ask for pictures with me and autographs! Why would anyone want my autograph? I kept telling these people I was just another girl with a bag! I guess it didn’t really help that my picture was EVERYWHERE! There was a poster of my Phoenix magazine cover, I was in the conference program, and I was on a 6 foot tall poster for Colo-Majic’s exhibit booth… so weird.

The good thing about it, though, was that because everyone knew who I was and kept coming up to me, I got to meet everyone! I met such amazing and inspiring people that I would never have met if I had not been invited to this great week. Thanks for bringing me, UOAA!

UOAA Video

Jessica Grossman
  • kaitlyn obrien
    Posted at 19:34h, 29 August

    who would not want your autograph jessica and your not just a girl woth a bag you more than that your a girl witha bag how wants to spred awness a girl who inspries people to do what you do UNCOVER their ostomy:) or in my case ostomys;)

  • kaitlyn obrien
    Posted at 19:37h, 29 August

    jessica who wont not want your autograpgh and your not just a girl woth a bag your more then that your a girl woth a bag how wants to spred aweness of people with ostomys your an ispiration to thoes with bags and inpire people to UNCOVER thier ostomy or in my case ostomys;)

  • kaitlyn obrien
    Posted at 19:38h, 29 August

    sorry i poster the same thing twice i did not think that the first one poster whatevers let me know how to delete it and i will hahah sorry again