Just Call Me a Frequent Flyer - Uncover Ostomy
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Just Call Me a Frequent Flyer


I think I travelled 12 hours for a 15 hour day.

I got home at 12am last night to the extremely quiet sorority house while everyone was out partying for Halloween. It was nice to be able to curl up into my bed and sleep without any noise on my arrival home. I was slightly disappointed I couldn’t make it out for the festivities, but the entire trip was worth it.

Yesterday afternoon I stood up in front of over 300 people to talk about my story, my ostomy, and why a positive attitude is the only way to go when dealing with the changes from surgery. I got some really nice feedback after I stepped down from many people in the audience. I hope I provided some support or help or something to those who needed it. All I can do, right?

I plan on taking this talk to another event I have been asked to speak at on November 18th. Hopefully it will be just as effective!

Anyways, just a quick blog tonight, have some more homework to do [likeee always]


Jessica Grossman
  • Heather W
    Posted at 05:05h, 01 November

    You go girl, I'm sure you were awesome! I'm sharing my story more and more, not too shy about anything. What's the point, really? It's just part of us, and the more we normalize it the more normal it becomes!

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