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Ostomy Ambassador- Justin

I came up with the idea of the Ostomy Ambassador thing about a month ago when I received a very random message from a guy named Justin. Justin was a camper at ostomy camp this year who I never actually had a chance to talk...

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Ostomy Ambassador- Alliyah

It seems like after that “be an Ostomy Ambassador” post I wrote, I’ve been getting some great feedback! The other day one of the wonderful campers from ostomy camp this year, Alliyah, sent me a Facebook message telling me how she was being an ambassador and...

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Be an Ostomy Ambassador

One of the best traditions that we have at ostomy camp is our final campfire. It’s a time for everyone to talk about the experience they had that week at camp, send love to someone who couldn’t make it that year, or tell everyone there...

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UOAA Youth Rally

So I know after talking about Canadian Ostomy camp, a lot of the American’s out there were jealous. Why didn’t they get an ostomy camp? They should have fun too! Well my American friends, there may not be an ostomy camp but there is something just...

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Bag Camp!

I’m still packing Well, not packing. I’m watching a PVR’d episode of The Young and the Restless. I still need to finish packing. My flight to Calgary leaves at 7am tomorrow morning which means I have to wake up at 5am. Tomorrow morning I will be headed to Bragg...

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