UOAA Youth Rally - Uncover Ostomy
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UOAA Youth Rally

So I know after talking about Canadian Ostomy camp, a lot of the American’s out there were jealous. Why didn’t they get an ostomy camp? They should have fun too!

Well my American friends, there may not be an ostomy camp but there is something just as great!

Every summer the United Ostomy Association of America hosts something they call the “Youth Rally.” It’s like camp, where kids from all over come and spend time away from home meeting other kids with ostomies and having a great time.

Unfortunately, I was unable to go but Rob, the founder of IDEAS, was there to experience it along with Carly and Clinton, the kids who went with him to Mount Everest. It seemed like they all had a great time and I wish I could have gone with them.

Just like with Canada ostomy camp, it’s hard to be able to put an experience like these into words sooo here is the link to the online photo album that the UOAA posted with pictures from the rally, and hopefully the pictures will speak louder than words! Take a look!


Jessica Grossman
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