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That One Time, At Bag Camp…

A little while ago I blogged about my past experiences at Ostomy Camp. I talk about how much fun I had and how I wanted to be a volunteer this summer, but not knowing if I was allowed to [You have to be 21 and I wont be 21 till September!]

Wellllll it looks like that didn’t matter because it has just been confirmed that I am, in fact, a volunteer at camp Horizon this summer!

I cannot tell you how unbelievably excited I am to be there. I finally get to give back to the camp I’ve gotten so much out of. I’ll get to participate in all the camp activities like swimming and arts and crafts and the water rafting and shopping trips we make! Not to mention being a part of the support meetings and being able to listen to kids retell their ostomy journeys.

I will definitely be collecting memories to share with you all. I’m thinking about vlogging the entire trip … but if it’s anything like my Punta Cana trip, I had too much fun to remember to record the video lol. But I will try.


Jessica Grossman
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