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Be an Ostomy Ambassador

One of the best traditions that we have at ostomy camp is our final campfire. It’s a time for everyone to talk about the experience they had that week at camp, send love to someone who couldn’t make it that year, or tell everyone there how much they mean to them.

In front of the campfire this year, someone came up and said a little speech. This person talked about how camp was where we all felt comfortable, happy, and secure with who we are. Camp was where it didn’t matter what we had, because at there, everyone was accepted.

Camp, they said, was the way the rest of the world should be and that we had the power to make it so.

I completely agree.

We do have the power to make the world as amazing as ostomy camp.

As individuals, we can make the world as accepting and comfortable with differences by talking about them and being comfortable with them ourselves. We can teach those who don’t know and we can show that there is never anything to be ashamed about.

I don’t think I talk about this enough, but this campaign was created to do just that. It was made to teach those who didn’t know about ostomies what they are and that we, as ostomates, or we, as people who know about ostomies, completely accept them.

It is our duty, as individuals, to make the world like camp.

Tell people about your ostomy or, if you don’t have one, tell people that you know about them or know someone who has one. Explain what it is, show them the Facebook group, and show them the website.

Then, tell me about it!

I’ve decided that I want to name these, what I’m calling, “Ostomy Ambassadors”.

As I see them, I will blog about them and say what they have done to help spread the word. So far I already have 3 I want to write about because they have come to me and told me what they had done. They also told me how great they felt by doing it.

So to all of my followers- Invite people to the Facebook page, show off the website, tell everyone you know about what “ostomy” means, and tell me about it! Write it on the Facebook wall, or post it here, or send me a message- anything.

Do whatever you can to be an Ostomy Ambassador

Thanks guys :]

Jessica Grossman