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Being Sick is a Workout of It’s Own

This past Sunday, I got all home-ec and baked my boyfriend a banana loaf. It's a really easy recipe that's comprised of bananas, peanut butter, some spices, quick oats, and a hint of love. I do it for him every so often. (I know how to bake,...

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Uncover Ostomy Insanity FB
I am Insane

My ass hurts. And not in the, "I've had to sit on the toilet forever because of Crohn's Disease" hurt, (many of you know what I mean, sigh) but the "I've exercised my ass off " hurt. Every morning at 6am, my boyfriend and I roll out of bed,...

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Crohn’s With a Side of Weirdo

A little while ago I saw on my Facebook newsfeed that my mom was attending her high school reunion. "Wait" - I thought. "Are these still a thing?" - I thought more. "It's been more than 10 years since I graduated from my elementary school.. did we have a reunion?" And if...

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Mom Level 11

Mom; noun 1. A beautiful and rare creature that picks you up when you fall down, feeds you soup when you're feeling sick, and nags you to wear a sweater when it's cold. Maybe my definition of mom is a bit specific. But, in some shape or form, I...

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Dear CDC…

Dear CDC, My name is Jessica Grossman. In my 25 years of life, I've tried to live as healthy as possible. I watch my diet. I exercise I take vitamins. I don't really drink. And I certainly do not smoke.  But I have an ostomy. For reasons completely out of my control due to Crohn's Disease,...

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Uncover Ostomy Relationship Food 1
It’s a Love-Hate Relationship

The sun shines through your window as a new day breaks. You open your eyes and you roll over. It's your first thought as the day begins. Thinking about being together again. Then, as the day goes by, you start to question it. You gave in. You wonder why...

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I am Fine.

"Fine." By definition, the word means "in a satisfactory manner," or, you know, that everything is OK. We say it often. When someone, for instance, asks how we are. "Oh, I'm fine." But what does the word "fine" really mean? Many of you reading this might already be thinking - wait, fine does not...

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I Don’t Remember How to be Sick

I finally decided to go to the doctor. After my mom called me out for my blog post last week, after my boyfriend bugged me enough, and after being on clear fluids and having pain for 3 weeks, it was time. Yesterday afternoon, I emailed my GI...

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Uncover Ostomy Angela McConnell You Dont Look Sick
But You Don’t Look Disabled

A few months ago, I wrote about how I had applied for the Canadian Disability Tax Credit here in Canada, which, when approved, comes with some tax benefits. If you remember, I had quite a time trying to get approved, but, eventually, after going through the...

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