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So, I Got a Bit Ahead of Myself..

The other day, I posted some awesome news on the Uncover Ostomy Facebook page.

What was it? Uncover Ostomy was nominated for an award from WEGO Health! I was so unbelievably excited, especially since we just find out we won that award from NYU, that I posted it as soon as they informed me on Twitter!

But I seemed to have gotten a bit ahead of myself…

You see…

Uncover Ostomy had actually been nominated for 4 different categories. 





Another chance for us to be recognized. Another chance for ostomies to be recognized.

So, how can you help?

To ensure that we keep getting recognized, each and every one of you needs to go the WEGO Health Awards site and start adding your own nominations!

It’s super easy to do. Just head to and start here:

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 7.37.01 PM

All you have to do is type in my name, or Uncover Ostomy, and fill out the information. The two minutes it takes to do the nomination is the two minutes it could take for us to win, and for us to get the recognition we need. (PS; it asks for my email address, so feel free to put in

While you’re at it, follow any other health activists online? Nominate them too! We in the health community gotta help each other out, right?

In advance, I want to thank you all, and let’s keep our fingers crossed!


Jessica Grossman
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