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“Nipping it in the Bud”

This afternoon, my mother and I took a little drive to our local Costco. Nothing like a mother-daughter trip to the best store in the world, amiright?

Anyways, during the drive there, my mother decided to tell me a “funny story” that happened to her at work today.

Alright mom, tell me about all the hilarity that ensued at work today.. *eye roll.*

Well, as the story goes, a young coworker began conversation with my mother about how she was having major stomach issues and was unsure of what it was. My mother suggested to her that she ask her doctor to run some tests. The young woman said that she was far too scared about the tests that she may face that she would have rather not said anything at all. My mom insisted she bring it up, as it was better to go through the awful tests now to save a lot of pain for later. The conversation ended and the young woman walked away.

As she walked away, one of my mother’s patients (my mom is a physiotherapist) picked up the conversation with her, having overheard and agreed with my mother’s suggestion. However, as my mom put it, this is how he “agreed.”

“It’s better that she get her tests done now then put it off and end up with a bag on her body.”

“Hoooooooold up,” said my mom.

(Ok, well she didn’t exactly put it like to the patient, but you get the gist.)

“Actually, funny you should say that, because,  you know how I was in Italy?” my mom asked her patient. “Well, actually, I was there with my daughter for World Ostomy Day as she spoke to 1000 people about having a ‘bag on her body.'”

Her patient’s jaw fell to the floor and he couldn’t stop apologizing.

“Let me show you something,” she said as she brought him over to the computer and showed him this website. He was in shock and awe at what a “bag on a body” could look like.

Thanks to my mother, another misconception has been fixed, another mind has been changed, and another negative stigma has been “nipped in the bud.”

I hope you are all doing the same.

Thanks for being an amazing ostomy ambassador, mom – I love you!

Jessica Grossman
  • Natalie Lapointe
    Posted at 01:01h, 31 October Reply

    I can’t even tell you how many times I have pulled up your website on my phone to “nip it in the bud” 🙂

    Love you Jess – you are amazing and inspiring so many people.

    xo Natalie Lapointe

  • Wendy
    Posted at 02:09h, 31 October Reply

    No one will ever mess with your Mom. Julie is one elegant and strong lady. I can only imagine how this exchange went in person. Bottom line…never mess with a fiercely protective and proud Mom and that goes double if its Julie!

  • Donna Leung
    Posted at 02:21h, 31 October Reply

    Great story! I’ve had a few situations like that as well with my son Jacob. What you and your Mom are doing is fantastic!

  • Julie Edwards
    Posted at 02:36h, 31 October Reply

    You have a good Momma!!

  • Daniel
    Posted at 02:47h, 31 October Reply

    Your mom’s awesome, and you look SUPER ASIAN in that pic 😛

  • Roberto Aloesio
    Posted at 08:42h, 01 November Reply

    A patient of mine, 80 y.o., told me a story very similar: during a bus trip from Turin to Lourdes, she was speakin with a friends who doesn’t know she has a colostomy, when a woman asked the driver to stop. The friend of my patient told her the woman has an ostomy and that kind of people had to stay ta home because they have always troubles and expecially because they smell. My patient answer that there are a lot of people smelling even those that don’t know they are speaking with an ostomate. Her friend was stunning.
    Now my patient has a new friend (the woman who stopped the bus) and an old friend who learned what an ostomy is.

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