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Sometimes You Just Can’t Avoid The Good People

When I originally moved to NYC, I had decided to keep to myself.

I would arrive to my class, sit down for the lesson, and leave as soon as it was over. I would then go home after class, do homework and go to sleep until I woke up the next morning to do my work for the remote internship I was doing from my couch until it was time for class once more.

I had made the decision to keep to myself because I knew that I wasn’t going to be in the city for long. After the craziness that was my undergrad university career with so many different types of classes, being a part of tons of organizations, attending a lot of parties, I had met so many people that I knew it was going to be hard to stay in touch with all of them. They were great people, but, unfortunately, studies show that you can really only stay in touch with a select few.

My goal in NYC was really just to get done what I had come here to do. Sure, I was going to be polite to my peers, but I had no intention of making good friends with them. Why? I thought. I was just going to have to leave soon anyways.

As the first semester went on, I began to interact with my peers more and more because of the mutual need to discuss exam questions and the group projects we were assigned for our finals. The Why? soon became the Why Not? and I made a few friends in the program. I didn’t hang out with them much, but it was nice to have someone to sit next to in a class. It was even nicer when I would get invited out for a drink after class. These few friends slowly became a little bit more. It wasn’t in my original plan, but these people were just so great to be around, I couldn’t refuse.

Boy, am I glad I didn’t stick to my plan.

When I realized that I was not able to live in my apartment for the remainder of my time in NYC, I had two of these amazing individuals come to my rescue. As soon as they had heard about my situation my new friends Natalie and Sarah both jumped at the chance to help me sort out my situation. Sarah, who I had only really hung out with a few times before took no hesitation to share her studio apartment with me. I had hardly known her, but she was willing to do that for me.


Not only had those two individuals come to my rescue and find me a roof over my head, but they, and a few other friends I had made put their extremely busy lives to aside last night to take me out for a celebratory farewell evening.  I have only known these people for a few short months, but they came together just to say goodbye to me, and I couldn’t be more grateful for knowing them.

I had a similar plan in terms of my working situation.

I had originally decided that once my remote internship ended, back in December, I was going to take a break so I could focus on my overload of courses. I knew I was completing the program in one calendar year instead of two years, so I had to take as many credits as possible at once. Then, when I was offered an internship at Group Commerce, I reconsidered, knowing it was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse. Again, I had another Why Not? moment.

I’m usually not one to second guess myself, but I am glad, once again, that I didn’t listen to my silly plan.  My time at GC, which sadly, ended today was not only one of the most fun I have ever had at a job, but it was an amazing learning experience. A day would never pass without my boss. Josh, teaching me something new (and something I could never learn in school.) He would also constantly task me with projects I had never done before without worrying about my capability because he believed that I could do it, and do it well.

(That image is of Josh at the GC table at the Daily Deal Summit. He put me in charge of it’s setup! Something I had never done before. Apparently, we had the best table there…)

Josh really instilled a sense of self worth for my future career and I know it is an invaluable lesson that I will take with me for the rest of my life. I am actually devastated that I had to leave GC and all the amazing people whom I worked with. They all made me feel so at home and so valuable; more so than I bet any unpaid intern has ever felt before. It was an amazing experience that I am glad I did not pass up.

I had originally planned to keep to myself because I knew that if I met new people or got involved in something new, it would be a difficult to say goodbye. I have been a part of so many organizations, had so many jobs, and met so many people that I had learned to dread the parting of ways. Once again, I am getting ready to leave a group of amazing people that I have met and I am crushed to have to do it. I had hoped to leave NYC without any sadness, but unfortunately, that will not happen.

As hard as I tried to keep to myself during my time in NYC the good people still managed to force their way into my life.

And, man, I am happy they did.

Jessica Grossman
  • Julie Edwards
    Posted at 17:50h, 28 April Reply

    I enjoy your blogs! It’s somehow comforting to me that you do so well with your ostomy. I am 48 almost 49 years old . I have had my ileostomy since 1987…I do well, also. I work at our little hospital here in Paris, TN as a pharmacy tech. I am friends with one of the surgeons and he frequently lets me talk with his “gut” patients.. I love to do that, you know. Just to let folks know it’s ok and not the end of the world.. Anyway, I think I just wanted to let you know that I certainly appreciate your fortitude and wonderful attitude! Keep up all your good work…. Julie Edwards,

    • Jess
      Posted at 01:48h, 29 April Reply

      Thank you so much, Julie!

      Posted at 16:44h, 09 May Reply


  • Lee Ann
    Posted at 18:31h, 29 April Reply

    I agree with Julie’s comment. It is somehow comforting to me also knowing you do so well with your ostomy. I do well with mine also and have had it for 18 years. I found your facebook page from the UOAA website in a forum. Thanks for being a light and encouragement.

    Lee Ann

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