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It’s True What They Say About Tech Startups..

…they are the most super-cool-amazing workplaces in the world.

Those who subscribe to my Facebook profile or who follow me on Twitter were the first to hear the news of my recent offer of employment at Group Commerce– a tech startup based in NYC. I was hired after I met a few GC employees at the Social Commerce Summit that I blogged about a little while ago.

Thank you, business cards. 

Today was my first day at my new place of work and- I have to say- it couldn’t have been more awesome.

I arrived promptly at 10am to be greeted by my new boss, Josh, and the lovely office manager Katja. With nervousness and nausea churning in my stomach, I walked to my new desk, which had been adorned with pens, sticky notes, a notebook, and an awesome Group Commerce tshirt. I asked if I was supposed to wear the shirt every day without washing it as some sort of initiation.

Apparently, I did not.

The excitement of my new tshirt quickly wore off when I was handed my very own work laptop.

Work laptop?

I have never ever been given a work-anything, let alone a laptop!

[Albeit, it was a Mac, and I have never liked Macs, nor have I ever used one, so there was a good portion of my first day trying to figure it out… but I was still given a work laptop. So awesome, right?]

After I was given my essential working tools, and the feeling of wanting to throw up out of excitement had worn off, I followed Josh around the spacious loft office as he gave me the office tour. I would say this office is probably one of the happiest places one could work. It has giant windows, a kitchen stocked full of coffee and tons of snacks, and has a bunch of wonderfully comfortable couches- which are, apparently, used for working on when you get tired of sitting in a desk chair.

Did I mention Monday’s are free-lunch days?

While all of these things were extremely exciting for someone like me, (a newbie to the working world) the thing that stuck out about the Group Commerce culture was the excitement and friendliness present in the atmosphere. There were smiles and laughter, jokes and teasing, and an all around sense of joy to be at work.

At one point in the day, my boss told me how excited he is to be at work all the time.

I’m excited too.


PS; you know you work somewhere cool when this book is in the bathroom:

Awkward Family Photos

Jessica Grossman
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