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Update: There is Potential…

I just got off the phone with Heidi from about.me.

It’s so hard to be upset when someone as sweet as her calls you.

Heidi called me to clarify everything and to explain to me that I was only a runner up for the contest if I met the requirements. Due to the fact that the contest had a monetary value associated with it, and that all winners were technically getting a trip to NYC (even if I already lived here) they couldn’t award me anything with a monetary value.

Ok, so technically I never actually ended up “winning”… but only on a technicality.

After she explained that to me and I told her I understood (which I do) I began to tell her about how the campaign is struggling to get mainstream attention. I told her that it’s not as easy to get the ostomy in the media because, we all know, we’re not as “glamorous” as some other medical things out there. I explained that this was supposed to be our chance but that I understood the legality.

She then told me that the whole office had seen and loved my about.me page and the campaign and that they all wished they could get around the technicalities. She continued on to say that there are going to be future opportunities, and that, as soon as this contest was completely over in October, we could get in touch and work on something else to get awareness out there.

Being a media major and learning all about big business, I’m usually not one to believe offers like that.

But I just couldn’t not believe Heidi. She just seemed so genuine. Seemed like she really wanted to help us.  It really sounded like the whole team does.

There still may be a chance for us, guys.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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Jessica Grossman
  • Megan
    Posted at 18:41h, 26 September

    Jessica! This is a tough one.

    If there is someone at about.me that this community can (politely) overwhelm with emails supporting you and ostomy awareness, please let us know!

    This cause is so much more important than some silly little technicality…and why didn't they tell you that from the get-go?

    This is not over!!!

  • Ashley
    Posted at 01:12h, 27 September

    Sounds like they are giving you the brush off over a technicality. Trust me big media types like that will treat you like crap with a smile on their face. They are also really great at acting like they care .I'm a Communication Technology with an emphasis in Broadcasting major. I've experienced this brush off crap a lot. I see only two options here.

    1. Check into your legal options. Though a law suite can end up pretty pointless. They have tons of money and you don't.

    2. Start a campaign to raise money to buy/rent you're own billboard on Times Square. Start an online drive to get the funds and show them up by making sure the billboard is bigger than theirs will be. Check into the Ostomy companies as well. See if they would be interested in being corporate sponsors.

    Show them up by getting the message out there anyway.

    We could also do a letter writing campaign to AOL telling them how we thing what they did was wrong and cheep.

  • Shaun
    Posted at 02:18h, 27 September

    Jessica – This is a very inspiring story. I've been following the campaign for a few months now and I find it annoying ( i think that's word I'm going for) that this campaign has not been picked up by mainstream media. It definitely has the legs! As a fellow ostomate and young digital marketing professional, I'd like the opportunity to help out any way I can!

    Let me know!! 🙂


  • Jessica
    Posted at 03:47h, 27 September

    Hey Shaun,

    Can you post on the Uncover Ostomy Facebook page or tweet at me @JessGrossman so I can contact you?


    And thanks to everyone else :]

  • Randi B
    Posted at 18:59h, 30 September

    I think you did make a great impact! If Heidi is to be believed, I feel that the people in her office are now informed and supportive. I know that I personally have been reposting your posts on my status throughout the voting. I am sure I am not the only one and if even half of your 3,300 likes did the same……look at that impact. As has others have already mentioned, I would be honored to write letters or sign petitions.
    Thank you for opening the door….

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