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You Guys Are The Best

Well by now you are all aware that the contest is over.

I have no idea where I stand in the scheme of the whole thing, but I ended in the top 5%. I’m not sure if I was in the bottom of the top 5% or the top of the top 5% but it’s better than not being in the top 5%.

So we’ll see.



We’ll just have to wait.




And see.


I hate waiting.

Anyways, I wanted to shift focus from the finished contest and bring your attention to a new Facebook feature that I would like to start taking advantage of: Facebook Subscriptions.

For those who haven’t heard of or have seen this subscription feature, it’s basically a way for you to send updates to people who you are not friends with, or to receive updates from people who you are not friends with. By allowing “subscribers” you let those who subscribe to you see everything you post “publicly” and by subscribing to someone, you see everything they post publicly.  This feature also allows one to like and comment on these posts, allowing for conversation between users who do not share personal information.

I like this feature because it allows me to publicly share links, photos, and select status updates without leaving my online identity vulnerable to harm. It also lets me converse and meet people new without worrying if I’m sharing information that makes me vulnerable to online, or offline harm.

As I’ve said before, since we’ve started UO, I have received an outstanding amount of friend requests. Don’t get me wrong, I am totally flattered and overwhelmed by the amount of people who wish to friend me! However, as I’ve also said before, as a personal safety precaution, I do not add people to my Facebook friends list who I do not know in person. It’s not a personal attack against anyone who has reached out to me, but a way for me to maintain some sort of privacy online.

I was overjoyed to hear of this his subscription feature because, for me, it’s the best of both worlds! I can now share things that I think are important and meaningful with a public following without worrying about sending out private information for the entire internet to see. I can also meet people (like you) and have conversations, share ideas, and more!

Ah, the wonders of technology.

So, my loyal and amazing Uncover Ostomy followers, if you would like to subscribe to my personal profile page, that is Jessica Grossman, and not Uncover Ostomy, you can click here. If you’re logged into Facebook, there should be a button on the top right corner that says “subscribe.”

Remember: if you choose to follow my personal page, you will be following me and all of the things that I find interesting, exciting, funny, relevant, etc. I do post things relevant to the ostomy, but I do post my own ideas. I just wanted to make that distinction clear.

Oh, also: Follow at your own risk :]

Or, if you’d prefer to follow me within a limit of 140 characters, you are welcome to follow my twitter account: @JessGrossman.

I would like to conclude this post by saying , as much as I can express on here, that you are all amazing.

Every single one of you.

All of you have stuck with me during my ups and downs, you have supported me with my (sometimes crazy) endeavours, as was clearly evident with the contest, and you have taken on my gigantic goal of spreading positive awareness.

You are the best online community anyone could ask for.

Thank you guys so so so much <3

Jessica Grossman

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