Trying Something New... Vote? - Uncover Ostomy
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Trying Something New… Vote?

As a new media student and a digital strategist, I’m all for trying out new social media websites.

So when my producer, John, told me about this new site “” I figured I’d give it a shot.

Well, more than just give it a shot.

The reason he wanted me to try it out was because they have a contest going on right now….

Ok SIDENOTE: I am NOT a fan of online narcissistic contests that simply want you to promote yourself in order to win. In fact, I hate those contests. I feel awkward and uncomfortable asking people to vote for me for some contest.

Well, this could be more than just “some contest”

The user with the most votes on their page is the page that becomes the face of their new advertising campaign that will have a billboard in… Times Square.

My page is basically a picture of me and my ostomy.

Get the point?

Picture of me+ostomy+Times Square=the ultimate feat of ostomy awareness.

I think I can get over my awkwardness for that.

So basically, is a website that gives you a page to consolidate all of your social media networks into one area. It’s nothing fancy and there’s not much to it, but it’s kind of nice to have one page as an organizational tool.

The contest literally involves voting for the profile you think is best to win. Voting does not require signing up, which is great since I hate those gimmicks. I think you can also vote every day.

So here’s my call to action; vote for my page and tell alllll your friend so we can get ostomies in Times Square!


Jessica Grossman
  • Adam
    Posted at 15:01h, 25 August