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See You in Reno!

My favourite thing about doing this whole campaign are the amazing the opportunities I’m given to share my story. By sharing my story, I invite people into my life so they too can see the ostomy from my positive point of view. Too often I’ve met individuals who hate themselves and their ostomies simply because of their poor attitude towards it. My favourite thing in the world is changing these attitudes.

On Thursday I was invited as a guest speaker to the teen ostomy group at Sick Kids hospital in Toronto, the same group I had been a member of many years ago. It was a great opportunity to share my story to young girls and their parents about how I made it through teenagehood with my ostomy. I had a great time, not only because I already knew half the teens there from ostomy camp, but because there was such a positive energy flowing through the room that I couldn’t help but feel proud of all of them. I didn’t really need to be there; they already shared my attitude.

My next speaking engagement (or few engagements) is in Reno this week. I will be flying out tomorrow to attend the United Ostomy Association of America’s huge ostomy conference. There, I will be leading a college/dorm life talk with another ostomate, I will be hanging around the IDEAS booth, I will be participating in a “rap” session with some teen ostomates, and last but not least, I will be doing the closing ceremonies speech.

I am beyond thrilled to be speaking at this event, let alone to having even been invited! Though I am beyond exhausted from all the traveling I’ve been doing, I’m full of excitement for these next 5 days of spreading a positive attitude while meeting a ton of amazing people.

That being said… my flight’s at 8am and I still haven’t even begun to pack. Better get to it!

Jessica Grossman
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