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I Don’t Think This Even Deserves a Title

In 7 days I will need to have accomplished:

  • Celebrating my brothers birthday with him… a night out at a bar..
  • Writing 4 essays
  • Packing up my entire room to move out of my sorority house
  • Not having my brain explode

I realize the first one isn’t a stressful event, in fact, it sounds quite enjoyable. Unfortunately, when I have 4 essays to write and I have to be there, it kind of is. I love him, though, so obviously I’m going to be there/I planned it…

I also realize this is a cop out of a blog post.

I also cannot stop thinking that I need to cite my sentences.

Pretty much, I’m blogging just to say that not only am I drowning in the sea of life at the moment, I won’t be able to swim ashore to blog again until I finish up the last week of my undergrad.

Wow, that sounds really weird to say…

If you can’t handle not hearing from me for a while, follow me on twitter:


I can guarantee there will be some delirious tweets as the week comes to a close.



PS there’s also a new video posted on the UO facebook fanpage

Jessica Grossman
  • Tomcat the Man
    Posted at 12:33h, 05 April

    Good luck with all the new changes in your life! It was a fluke i found you… You are such a positive force!
    I am a 51 year old man, with an Ostomy since July 1987. I have been married, divorced, had several good and bad relationsips, none of which had anything to do with my ostomy. I kickox, study Kenpo Karate (Green Belt) and I ride a sweet Harley, I have pitched Modified fast pitch softball before, during and after my surgury. I have not missed a season! I am a Fleet Manager for the Postal Service, for both NH and VT. I consiider myself both educated, and with a great sense of humor!
    I too have had some off beat questions… and yes, i have had many different "accidents" because I am so active. I also have the same boundaries you do, (almost none!) and would like to offer up my experiences if you have "guy" related questions asked… any question is an opportunity to educate, and having also been a HS teacher, education is critical!