"Baby I Just Wanna Dance" - Uncover Ostomy
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“Baby I Just Wanna Dance”

I love to dance.

Love love love it. Not like in-my-room-dancing-around-alone- to-loud-music  dancing, but real choreographed dancing.  I was an avid dancer as a younger child, but as I grew older, I fell sicker from my Crohn’s disease, and it became more difficult to drag myself to dance class. It was even more difficult to keep up with the moves with my low energy levels and pain and had I eventually to give it up.  After I had my ostomy surgery my pain was gone and my energy levels were back up but, unfortunately, I had a hard time finding opportunities to get back into dance classes.

That was until I joined my sorority, where dancing was apparently a crucial part of Greek philanthropic events. Who knew?

Over my university and sorority career, I made sure to participate in as many dance competitions as possible to fulfill my desire to shake it. With this year being my last of my undergrad career, and being unsure if I’d ever have the opportunity to dance again, I asked to participate in the biggest dance competition of the year.

The dance competition is part of a week of events called Derby Days hosted by the boys of the Sigma Chi fraternity. The week consists of not only a major dance performance, or “airbands,” but other fun events such as their coffee house, where every sorority has to bring as many girls and baked goods as possible, along with a mural painted for Sigma Chi as well as a pageant called Miss Greek where two girls are selected to represent each sorority and are judged based on their answers to questions, their talents, and their fashion sense.

Over my years at UWO I have baked many cookies, performed in many dances, and even represented my sorority for Miss Greek [back in my younger days…] While every year was a fun experience, this year was definitely the best.

This year we all came together in sisterhood spirit to bake as much as we could while taking breaks to make our awesome event tshirts for the coffee house.

This year, my sorority won Miss Greek for the first time because the hard work and preparation and of course, beauty of our amazing representatives Cassie and Chelsea.

To top the whole week off, this year, for the first time in my four years at UWO and participating in the airbands dance competition, we won.

Actually, we had won Derby Days as a whole.

In fact, our Derby Days win actually solidified our streak for winning 3 out of 3 Greek competitions this year along with the the FIJI Fashion Show and Pi Kappa Alpha’s Pike Bunny all raising money for great philanthropic endeavours.

This year, not only did my sorority contribute to helping out tons of different charities for great causes, but we have also become the number #1 sorority on campus. [#tri-winning]

Though I am extremely sad to be leaving my circle of sisters and the opportunities to participate in amazing events, I could not be happier than to have been president of this amazing group of, spirited, hardworking, and talented women.

Alpha Love <3

For those who want to see, below is the video of the dance performance we gave. The theme was “Last Friday Night” and followed 4 girls on their journey of a fun night supplemented by some amazing dances. If you want to look out for me, I walk on stage first for the first dance in a purple shirt and pop in and out of dances throughout the whole thing.

Enjoy :]

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Jessica Grossman
  • Allison
    Posted at 15:27h, 28 March

    I find it so amazing that you have the confidence to do what you do. This video really proves that your ostomy surgery has given you your life back. I have Crohn's but do not or have ever had an ostomy… and I would never be able to do that. I would probably have an accident on the stage instead 🙁

  • Flamenco Adelaide
    Posted at 08:47h, 29 March

    Love, love, loveit! Lots of fun, some very cool dancing and lot of passion. Never stop dancing!!!