How the Years Fly By - Uncover Ostomy
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How the Years Fly By

Once again, I forgot about my bag-aversary.

As of yesterday, I have had my ostomy for 8 years.

I guess it’s a good thing that I keep forgetting about this day because my ostomy is just another part of my body. I don’t have a day to celebrate my middle finger or my left ear, so why celebrate the day that saved my life?

…Ok, well maybe there’s some reason to celebrate…

Even though I had forgotten to commemorate this special day, it didn’t matter because the day had consisted of simple everyday activities that used to seem impossible while I was suffering with Crohn’s disease.

I had spent the day cleaning my room and doing laundry, activities that are difficult to do when the pain is too much to get out of bed. Later that evening, I had a lovely movie night with my sisters Megan [the new AGD president] and Amy. Though this is such a common activity for others my age, it is especially significant for me. I had spent so much time isolated and alone in the hospital that spending any amount of time with friends is meaningful. To top the night off, I had a visit from the ice cream fairy, who dropped off a tub of cookie dough ice cream on my doorstep. I had been complaining to someone earlier that evening that I was craving it and, surely enough, he had dropped some off for me. This was not only super sweet, but made my night complete. I was able to stuff my face with this amazing dessert that I was once not allowed to eat because of my disease.

Every day I am reminded of how far I have come all because of this surgery.  Today, I was reminded through an email I received from my university. This email informed me of the date I was to register for graduation; the time to tell the university I had completed all my requirements and was ready to become an adult.

As of this May, I will be a graduate of the University of Western Ontario.

Though I am not sure what will happen at this time, whether I get into the graduate schools I’ve applied to or will be working full-time, I can be thankful that I have made it this far. 8 years ago I would have never dreamed I’d be preparing for this time of my life.

I know it’s been 8 years and this whole positive outlook seems so repetitive. I keep going on and on about how amazing things are now that I no longer suffer from Crohn’s disease because of my ostomy.

Well, it should be repetitive because it never stops being true.

Jessica Grossman
  • Brian P. Greenberg
    Posted at 01:07h, 02 February

    Thank you so much for sharing this!. I'm no where near 8 years, in fact I'm just celebrating my 10 week. But in this short time I have already seen how it's changed my life for the better and allowing me to enjoy so many aspects of like that I was missing due to my Crohn's Disease. It's great to have a life again, and it's all because of the decision I finally made this fall to have the surgery done in November.

  • Raye Wright
    Posted at 14:10h, 02 February

    After 17 yrs, my bag is truly just another part of my body. A part I am thankful to have and thankful for these yrs it has given me!

  • thailainthesky
    Posted at 20:41h, 05 February

    Happy bag-aversary! I'll be one year in March. I'm so excited because I'm going to have a party 😀

  • Patrice
    Posted at 22:54h, 07 February

    Hey Jessica, I saw your article in the new patient guide for ileostomies! I'm 22 and I just graduated from school last month, but I only got the surgery 2 weeks ago after 3 years of an epic fail with an S-pouch. I kinda wish I'd gotten this done before I'd finished college, so I would have been able to have more of a life! I have a feeling I'll be eternally optimistic now, too … I'm already constantly saying "geez, I would NOT have been able to do this 3 weeks ago!" Anywho, I think this is a fantastic idea, keep up the good work. If you ever want a singing/acting/modeling ostomy buddy, give me a hollar, because I love to do those things too!

  • leah
    Posted at 19:02h, 20 February

    Thanks for sharing Jessica, you're very inspirational. Sometimes it is just something little like eating pudding that reminds you of why you've got it and how much better life is because of it, little things that people take for granted sometimes. Congratulations in advance on your graduation this year and lots of luck with your grad school applications.