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Beginning of the end of the Beginning!

That’s how my brother phrased my first week of classes of the last semester of my undergrad. It’s the beginning of the end of my undergraduate degree, but only the beginning of the rest of my working life.

Is it weird that I’m actually excited to get a job?

I’ve been told by many “older” and “wiser” individuals that I should not be excited to get a job and that I should enjoy university while it lasts. Well, I agree in the sense that I am surrounded by friends pretty much 24/7, but, on the other side, the amount of work I have to do is absolutely ridiculous. This summer, I had a 9-5 job and once I came home from work, I was done. During school, I come home after classes and then am required to do work until the wee hours of the morning. Furthermore, I’m paying to do work instead of getting paid for it. I can’t wait till my hard efforts actually reap me some tangible rewards.

In the meantime, I am going to keep up with the last of my undergraduate essays and exams… This maybe the last time I ever really do homework.

Haha wow, I feel old.


PS: Tomorrow morning I head to Vancouver for some exciting new Uncover Ostomy stuff! You’ll be hearing more about it sooooon :] [after my Jamaica video goes up haha]

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Jessica Grossman
  • Kyla
    Posted at 06:56h, 07 January

    Hi there!

    Heading to Vancouver, huh? Well that got my attention…and on that note —

    I'm writing not only to congratulate you on your campaign (and wish you even greater success!) but to see if there is any chance of you linking to and/or blogging about some friends of mine, one of whom has an ostomy, who have fairly recently started their own project — they have already teamed up somewhat with IDEAS for a fundraiser they are having soon (it is also a bit of a sending off party before they embark on their travels — but you'll see that if you check out their site), but I really find their blog, their message and their attitude very down to earth while still entertaining — and did I mention they are talented too? I really think you should check 'em out. I'm going to send them the link to your site as well in case Jess hasn't seen it…

    Anyways, their names are Jessica, Nicole & Katie, and their blog can be found at — the January 5th blog post links to their fundraiser flyer (it's in Vancouver next week – Jan 13th), and they are really great girls with a great message (like yours).

    Thanks! All the best!