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Whirlwind of a Few Weeks!

So I’m on the train from London to Toronto right now. And I’m posting a blog.

Oh yeah, trains have internet now. Did you know?

Anywayssss, I had exams this week and was studying for my Grad exam. I finished school exams yesterday afternoon and now am finally able to relax for a little while.

Today was the beginning of my winter vacation and it started off with a lovely brunch at my boyfriend’s parents’ house. The atmosphere was extremely inviting and I enjoyed spending time with him and his family.

Like I said, I’m on the train back home. I’ll be home for about a day until my mom, brother, and I head off to Jamaica! It’ll be really nice to lie in the sun [while studying….] enjoy some resort cuisine, and spend time with the family.

This time I will also be taking tons of REAL video footage because John, from IDEAS, got me a flip camera! Not like last trip with my montage of photographs. This time, I will be videotaping as much as I can between flash cards and math equations under the sun. It’ll be great. [PS: Anything specific you want me to film? Comment away!]

After Jamaica, I return to Toronto to study more before I head back to London on New Years Eve. I’m kind of excited because my boyfriend has decided to forgo partying with his friends to spend it with me. He’s the best.

Lots of traveling in the next two weeks which will finally be over during the 2nd week of January when I head off for a super secret trip! I’ve been told I’m not allowed to talk about it yet, but trust me, it’s very very exciting!

That’s all for my train blog now. Comment below on what you want to see in Jamaica :]

Jessica Grossman