Why Do I Want to go to Grad School Again? - Uncover Ostomy
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Why Do I Want to go to Grad School Again?

Its exam time here at Western and I have one on Friday and another on Saturday. Barring we don’t have a 5th snow day, [we had another yesterday where exams got rescheduled] I will be done for this semester and off to enjoy sunny Jamaica with my mom and brother.

My exams are not hard, as they are only for my Comfort Television class and my Geography of Tourism class. Though there are many, the concepts are easy to understand and I know that I will be able to write these exams without issue. But for some reason, I am still stressing.

Sitting at my computer with notes in front of me and a pen and highlighter in hand, I can’t help but want to run into a big pile of snow and hibernate. This is now my 7th semester of exams and I still hate it. I mean I guess you’re not supposed to ever like exam time, but I hate it even more now that the end is in sight. Wait, the end might not be in sight…

Why have I decided to make my life harder by taking my GRE [Graduate Required Exam] on January 3rd to get myself into graduate school in the States and, therefore, giving myself more exams? After this May, I could be done studying forever. FOREVER.

Instead, in, what must have been some crazy upside world, I decided I wanted more school and more exams.

I didn’t really think about it that way until now. Now, while I lay my swelled head of information on my notes, probably getting smudges all over my face, I wonder what has gotten into me. Why in the world would I be giving myself for work to do?

I’m sure after all these exams are over I’ll go back into my regular thinking, wanting to go to graduate school so I can be as successful as possible. I know that I need more education to win myself a job over another candidate. I know this. Yet, while staring at the history of the television set, and trying to figure out how to “reflectively think” about tourism, I just want to be done.

3 more days.

Just 3 more days.

For now…

Jessica Grossman