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Snow Dayyyy x3

Today marks the second of a three day snowday at the University of Western Ontario.

It has been a momentous occasion as apparently over the past 100 years Western has only had like 3 snow days!

In the past 36 hours, London Ontario has gotten over 60cm of snow, with more to come.

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced this much snow in my life! It’s up to my knees!

It’s been pretty awesome though. Today, all my assignments were DONE for the semester, meaning I could lounge around and be a big pile of lazy. I spent a good portion of my day hanging out with my wonderful boyfriend, watching tv, and well… doing a little bit of work. We couldn’t waste the entire day. When he left, a bunch of my sisters and I decided to go out and make snow forts and have snowballs fights on what used to be the front lawn. After that, we gathered in the living room to play a board game, which I lost very very badly.

Overall, today was an amazing day. Thanks snow :]

Jessica Grossman
  • Eleanor
    Posted at 10:40h, 08 December

    You think thats bad? Come live in Scotland! Iceicles are so long they are literally coming down to the floor!!! Hey does cold weather affect ostomy bag wear time? xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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