It’s so Much Fun-akkah to Celebrate Hanukkah - Uncover Ostomy
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It’s so Much Fun-akkah to Celebrate Hanukkah

I just wanted to wish a very happy Hanukkah to my fellow Jews out there!

I am currently home for a few days to celebrate the holiday with my family. Friday night, I have a dinner with my father’s side of the family and Saturday with my mom’s. I’m looking forward to spending time with everyone since I haven’t seen them in quite some time. Aandddd I may or may not be excited for gifts as well! Haha.

It’s also really nice to be home to relax. I’ve had an extremely busy few weeks between my assignments and sorority things so I figured this was the perfect excuse to go home and take a break. Well… “break” is a relative term, since I have 3 essays due at the beginning of the week. AWESOME.

Anyways, I have to get back to spending time with my motherrrr. We’re watching our soap opera on the PVR together.

Oh, one last thing!

If anyone wants to be realllllyyyyy nice and give me a present for the holidays, I’ve been in need of a YouTube wallpaper thingy for my account. Since I’ve started video blogging more, I feel like my “channel” needs to be spiced up a bit. So if anyone has any photoshop skills and wants to make me a special Uncover Ostomy background for it, I would be extremely grateful!

Oh and in the spirit of the Holidays, here is my favourite Holiday song!

Jessica Grossman