Flight Security Needs to Change! - Uncover Ostomy
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Flight Security Needs to Change!

As you all know, I have recently become a frequent flyer, traveling around both the US and Canada.

Flying between countries requires various security checks to be had before boarding the plane. Over the past year alone, I have had some interesting experiences with these checks, which makes me wonder about the process as a whole.

On my flight to Las Vegas, last month, I had passed the security check with no problem, even while bringing my ostomy scissors in my carry on.  I also passed through the full body xray machine without question.

You think someone would have noticed it on the screen…

On my way back from Vancouver I was given a full body xray scan and, this time, they had found the bag. I gave them a quick flash and it was no big deal.

On my way to Vancouver from London, ON. I was stopped because of the ostomy scissors in my carry on and almost had them taken away. I flashed them a peak at the bag and they finally let me through.

On my way to ostomy camp I was given a full body xray scan and this time, again, they hadn’t seen it.

On my way to Florida for the sorority convention, I was given a pat-down, yet, they hadn’t felt a thing.

This kind of makes you wonder how successful airport security really is, eh?

I was just made aware of this terrible incident involving a urostomate getting on a flight who unfortunately had his bag burst while getting pat down. He had asked for a private screening and had been refused. The security officials then began to pat him down in front of everyone and burst the bag on him.

Ok, to be honest, I have never had an issue with my bag bursting, but I also have an ileostomy, so I’m not sure how the other system works. Regardless, if a person has asked for a private screening for medical issues, you would think they’d have to offer that, right?

I mean, with me, it’s not a big deal. I flash my ostomy as I walked through the metal detector [I’ve learned to just show it so the questions are avoided lol]. Not everyone, as we know, is as open as I am. I’ve always wondered what those ostomates did.  What do you do in situations such as this?

It seems to me that not only are these security checks inconsistent and often a huge failure, but that there are clearly no set regulations, or if there are, they are not being followed in a situation such as this.

This is not to say that we do not need any security checks before boarding a flight, but something clearly needs to change.

So tell me ostomates, what do you think needs to change about this process and share your ridiculous airport stories too!

Jessica Grossman