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Perks of Presidency

When I was elected president of my sorority, I was excited to be in charge of an amazing group of girls and to have the opportunity to help make this a great year.

It never really crossed my mind that being president also had its fun little perks.

This past Thursday and yesterday night, two sororities held big events that put fraternities against each other in order to raise money for charity.

Alpha Phi ran their annual Mr. Greek on Thursday, also known as their male beauty pageant. The participants were judged on their answers during the question period, their skills during the talent portion, and… well, a few other things I can’t go into detail about! Kappa Alpha Theta, last night, ran their event called “Airbands,” where the fraternities send a group of guys, usually their new members, to put on a dance performance for the crowd.

Being president, I was asked to judge these competitions with the president’s from the 4 other sororities on campus. We had front row seats and everything!

Both events were a lot of fun, especially because this year it seemed as though the fraternities put in an amazing amount of effort. I mean, I’ve been around for 4 years, I’ve seen these events before. This year was the year everyone went all out.

The winner of the 2010 Mr. Greek was a guy from Pi Kappa Alpha, who not only won over the crowd with his charm and good looks, but with his skilful rendition of the “Bed Intruder Song” for the talent portion. It was a close competition though, because everyone had amazing talent. The guy from Lambda Chi Alpha sang “I’m yours” by Jason Mraz, which is one of my all-time favourite songs, the guy from Phi Gamma Delta did an amazing breakdance number, and the guy from Alpha Epsilon Pi actually brought me up on stage and serenaded me. It was a tough call because they all did an amazing job.

Airbands was also an extremely tough competition. It seemed as if every fraternity had been practicing for this competition for weeks. Pi Kappa Alpha and Sigma Chi looked like they had been working on their performance for a while. I know Lambda Chi Alpha had been, for sure, since they were reigning champions and wanted to keep the title. They put on an amazing performance that included a set from “Glee,” one of my favourite shows. Unfortunately, they lost the title, in a close race to Phi Gamma Delta who did a musical performance of the movie “The Hangover.” Someone posted the video online so I thought I’d add it to give you a feel of the event.

It was a really close race and because everyone had worked so hard.

This just raises the bar for us girls when, next semester, Sigma Chi and Pi Kappa Alpha run their events that we’ll have to compete in. Guess we better start practicing now!

Jessica Grossman