I Haven't Disappeared on You! - Uncover Ostomy
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I Haven’t Disappeared on You!

I think it’s that time of year when I’ve reached the stage of total mental block.

I have sat at my computer and rewritten this blog post 4 times.

I started out apologizing for my absence for the past week due to the amount of homework I’ve had paired with the concussion I had last Wednesday. [I may have fallen down some stairs after my legs gave out…]

Then I realized I write/whine about that too often, so I changed it. I began writing about the semi-formal “Crush” event my sorority is holding tonight that I will be getting fancied up for. That wasn’t cutting it either.

I was then going to write…well complain about the drama in my love life… but then I realized I can’t even figure out if I am even a part of my own love life or I’m just a bystander watching it all happen around me. At the moment, I don’t even care. I’m happy as a clam.

I’m halfway [I suppose] through the blog I was going to write and it seems just as disorganized and confusing as my brain is right now. It’s too full of this thing I have to plan and this assignment I have to do and this thing I have to say to someone…. I feel like I have so many thoughts, that they are spewing from my ears.

I’d like to attribute this to just being a stressed out university student. It doesn’t happen when I become an adult does it?

Don’t answer that.

Ok, enough of my rambling. At least you all know that I’m alive now and haven’t disappeared off the face of the planet. Yay.

I’ve got tons more things happening in the next few weeks and I PROMISE I will sit down and tell you all about it. In the meantime, if you have anything you want me to talk about [I already have one suggestion lined up] then let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

OH, PS: If anyone is in the London Ontario, I will be speaking at an event for the London and District Ostomy Association on Nov 18th. If you’re around, come see me speak :]

Jessica Grossman