Ostomy Ambassador- Clinton - Uncover Ostomy
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Ostomy Ambassador- Clinton

The speaking engagement I attended last weekend in Vancouver was not just a chance for me to talk about myself and Uncover Ostomy, but it was a chance for others to share their ostomy experiences as well.

Clinton was the speaker who preceded me as he stood on stage and told the audience about his story and his adventure. Clinton was one of the two Everest Trekkers, the other being Carly who I’ve already mentioned, who went up to base camp with Rob Hill. He did an amazing job taking the audience on his journey to base camp and showing everyone that having an ostomy didn’t stop him.

I’ve only really gotten to know Clinton over the past couple months but it doesn’t take long to get a sense of his confidence and determination. Meeting him at ostomy camp this summer, I could tell he was one of those kids who didn’t care about his ostomy, especially since all his attention would be focused on maintaining his Justin Bieber haircut and checking his iPhone.. Well until it was taken away because there are no phones at camp! [He was unimpressed and a little grumpy haha]

Despite his still youthful attitude, he gives off an air of maturity, I guess you could say like all kids that have gone through what we have. But unlike those kids, Clinton continually takes on new challenges and shares them to prove that having an ostomy is really no big deal. He climbed up to Everst base camp with a bag, but, you know, no big deal… haha!

Clinton, thanks for being so open about everything anddd I’m sorry I make fun of your iPhone, I’m a blackberry girl, what can I say?

Keep up the awesome work!

Jessica Grossman