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Well That’s Not Awkward at ALL

Back in the summer I was received an email about doing a photoshoot for the new website my faculty here at Western was putting together. I showed up and there with tons of other students to take tons of random pictures. There were so many of us on that one day, which was also paired with a couple other days of photoshoots that I figured, “hey, I’ll be lucky if I get on it.” It was a fun day anyways so I really didn’t care if I was actually put on the website or not.

Periodically, over the summer after the photoshoot, I would check the website to see if the new one had launched, justttt to see if I had been lucky enough to make it on. By the first few weeks of school, it still hadn’t been up so I just stopped checking, and, well… forgot.

Until today.

When I logged on to Facebook this morning there was a random message from an old friend I hadn’t spoken to in a while. It was nice to hear from him but wondered what sparked his interested in striking up a conversation. “I think it’s because you’re on the new FIMS website… so I keep seeing you there,” he wrote.

It is?! I checked.

Lo and behold… It was.

And… the first thing I saw… was THIS

How AWKWARD IS THAT? I am the ONE person in the WORDS ON EVERY PAGE of the website!

I don’t even know what to make of it, it seems absolutely ridiculous! Why me? Why the one [half Asian looking] girl out of everyyyyoneee else that was there. Omg it looks sooo strange.

Wel…At least it’s complimented by the scrolling picture reel of tons of other students….?

And maybe everyone else will tell them how odd it looks and they’ll change it??

Urgh ok wellll I guess that’s my wtf moment of the day andddd I thought I’d share.

I have been slacking in my writing about entertaining tidbits of my life…

Well there you go.


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Jessica Grossman
  • Adam
    Posted at 15:37h, 06 October

    Had a similar thing happen 2 weeks ago. Was approached by a reporter from the most prominent local newspaper about a piece on crime in parks. We said we knew nothing about the crime, they took photos and asked us questions anyway. Lo and behold we end up on the 2nd page of the daily paper and featured as the headline of the local news Website! Didn't make much sense we were on there at all.

    To FIMS credit & on the bright side, you're photogenic so it looks good on the Website.

    Congrats, you're a celebrity!