Shoutout to the Phoenix Magazine - Uncover Ostomy
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Shoutout to the Phoenix Magazine

A whileeee back I was asked to be featured about Uncover Ostomy in the Phoenix magazine, a publication put out by the UOAA.

I never blogged about it here… because I was waiting to get the copy of it to read. I never did get a copy so I figureddddd they still hadn’t printed it.

Well after Michael, a fellow ostomate, posted the Phoenix advertisement on the Facebook page I stopped and thought… wait a second… Did they print it?

Did some google searching and there it was! June 2010 with me on the cover. Cool!

Guess I was featured haha.

Well just wanted to send a shoutout to them and a big thanks for doing that!

Also wantd to give a shoutout to my fellow classmate Leah, who actually wrote the article that was published. She’s awesome!

If you haven’t read it already, or want to read more from them, you should order it :]


[PS: Where’s my copy?? haha]

Jessica Grossman
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