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I’ve Been Lavaliered

“You’ve been what?”

That’s probably what you’re thinking. I didn’t know what it was myself until I joined my sorority.

A lavalier is a necklace in the bearing the letters of a fraternity or sorority.

They are a pretty big deal in the US Fraternity and Sorority system, but no one’s really caught on over in Canada so I’ve never really heard of anyone at my university getting one.

I may be the first.

My boyfriend, one of the president’s of a fraternity on campus, went away last week to the convention they had in Phoenix [same thing that I went to in Tampa] and learned about the Greek system out there himself. He came across a lavaliere and decided he would buy it for me. I really didn’t expect this from him considering he’s not really into the whole fraternity tradition thing. I was definitely surprised.

Bringing tradition to the UWO Greek Scene? Hmmm…

Jessica Grossman
  • Brittany Lockhart
    Posted at 22:25h, 04 August


  • Eamon Moran
    Posted at 12:41h, 19 August

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