Are You Going to Have to Double Bag It? - Uncover Ostomy
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Are You Going to Have to Double Bag It?

One of the things I love about my friends is how they like to make fun of me. I know that probably sounds really weird… I like being made fun of?

Well, yeah actually, I kind of do.

My friends tell me they make fun of me because they know I can handle it. They know I can take a joke and that I laugh along with them. That’s a good trait, right?

One of the many jokes about me among my friends is that I don’t eat.

I don’t really remember how it started, I just know that last year with my crazy school schedule it was hard to have regular eating habits and, well, people noticed and made fun of me.

Luckily now, because I have a regular 9-5 Monday to Friday job, I have time in my day to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner like a regular person. It’s completely evened out my eating schedule and I’m back to normal. Now I eat regularity. Apparently it freaks people out.

Well tonight I went out for dinner with my friend Kaitlin to one of my favourite restaurants called Spring Rolls. They have this special going on called “Springrollicious” a play on the “Summerlicious” that we have here in Toronto. “Summerlicious” is a summer event where restaurants have a set menu with a set price for customers to try out a full course meal. Man was it good.

So good, that I ate everything. Literally, everything. An entire full course meal.

Kaitlin was shocked. As she should be, right? Grossman never eats.

Well, another thing my friends joke about is my ostomy. In a good way, of course. They say they make fun of it because they know how secure I am with it, and, well, because I make fun of it too.

Kaitlin herself likes to make comments about it so tonight, in her shocked state of mind, said that she was worried about my bag. So shocked that she exclaimed,

“Wow Grossman, you ate a lot. Are you going to have to replace your bag a couple times because of it? Or like… double bag it? You know, just in case…? Can you do that?”

Double bag it.

Well that’s a new one.

Apparently, she thought that, “you know,” you might need some extra protection.

No Kaitlin, it doesn’t work that way.

Haha, I love my friends.

Jessica Grossman
  • Kevin A. Barnes
    Posted at 15:35h, 30 July

    Humor definitely is an important part of living with an ostomy. I frequently joke about my ostomy with family and close friends, which seems to put them at ease (and lets them know it’s okay to talk about it, or even make light of it).

    For example, when my wife and I flew to NYC a couple months ago, we joked on the way to the airport about whether the contents of my bag violated US rules against carrying more than 100 ml of liquid through airport security. The bottom line in my case is that the ostomy is part of my life, which means it’s fair game for humor.