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Tampa Here I Comeeee

This time tomorrow I’ll be in sunny Tampa, Florida with about 300 of my fellow sisters from Alpha Gamma Delta.

There, I will be attending the huge convention they hold every other year, as the presidential delegate of my chapter. I’ll be attending workshops, voting on things, meeting new people, and of course, having a blastttt.

This year, along with my chapter Advisor Stacey and Province Director Chantal, I’ll be joined by two other girls from my chapter, Kaitlin and Megan, who decided to come as well. This is extra special because usually members don’t come, so this is awesome. Kaitlin is our chapter’s Campus Relations Advisor and Megan is the chapter’s Vice President Finance. I’m really excited they’ll be coming and enjoying the experience with me!

Not only am I lucky enough to have some fellow chapter members come with me, but I’m also going to know a few other girls there already! For reading week, for those who don’t know, myself and a few other sisters took a roadtrip down to Florida and we stayed at other AGD houses along the way. I met the president’s from the University of Kentucky, Mercer University in Georgia, High Point University in North Carolina, and West Virginia Weselyn College in West Virginia. Maggie, the president from Georgia and I have been discussing for months how excited we are. I’ll get to see her again tomorrow!

I’m not sure how much access I’ll have to the internet, so I don’t know about my blogging situation. I’ll be gone from Wed-Sunday the 27th so it may be a few days. I’m hoping Kaitlin will film some footage for me to use so I can make a video [a better one than my punta cana one haha]. She always says she wants to be in charge of my PR so here’s her chance [haha <3]. I will definitely have tons of things to report!

See you on Sundayyy <3

Jessica Grossman
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