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Fun Grossman Exists!

There’s been this running joke all year that I don’t have fun. I’ll be honest, this past school year I really wasn’t. I hardly went out and when I did I would be very very sober and I would leave parties or bars early. You can’t realllly blame me, I mean I was dealing with the death of my father and with some… unfortunate relationship issues, and I was really just not in the partying mood. It was a somber year, to say the least.

Whenever people would bug me for not going out I’d always say, once upon a time there was a fun Grossman and she went out  all the timeee in 1st and 2nd year! They took that as, the rare occasion I did have fun, I was fun Grossman.

Well fun Grossman is starting to come back. It’s a little difficult at the moment, as I live about an hour ride on the public transit system to get downtown. Usually that’s a huge determinant to my potential outings. Last night, though, I just HAD to go out.

As a few blogs ago showed, I was able to see backstage of the Much Music Video Awards before the show, which was pretty cool. Last night though, I was at an MMVA after party.

Lucky for me, I have some friends in high places who have amazing connections that they are willing to share. Last night, I ended up at Ultra Supper Club, right down the street from where the show was taking place, after bypassing a huge line that apparently winded down the street and around the corner. I still can’t believe I got in. We were on the amazing patio in the warm night air with a relaxed crowd.  At the club we ran into a lot of people, one being that girl who plays Miley Cyrus’ friend on Hannah Montanah [I don’t know her name] and then tons of Much Music VJs like Liz Trinnear and Jesse Giddings. We also ran into MTV stars Dan Levy and Jessi Cruickshank, which was weird because… they’re from MTV and not Much Music? I asked that and no one really had an answer haha. Anyways, we ran into them too which was fun.

There weren’t a ton of famous people there but it was still a great time.

Unfortunately, fun Grossman had to leave by 2am so she could wake up to go to work today. Apparently more cool people showed up after. Oh welllll. Next time.

Jessica Grossman
  • Barbara
    Posted at 20:09h, 22 June

    Jessica, I am so proud of what you are doing to make people more aware of an ostomy. I am 73 years old and I’ve had an ostomy for 42 years. I would have loved having a supportive person like you in my life. Go ahead and show off your beauty. By doing so, you make it better for all of us even if we can’t reach your standards. Don’t let the naysayers influence you. You are doing a valuable service. Best of luck.

  • Serina
    Posted at 03:03h, 23 June

    You rock! =) this site brought me to tears. I am an 18 year old girl, I was diagnosed with ulsurative colitus. I have had two surgeries, one to get an illeostomy bag, the other to reverse it. I know what having a bag feels like, stay strong girl. You are stregnth. <3 much respect -Serina