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Happy Father’s Day. Still Miss You, Daddy

Today was the first time I’ve been to visit my dad’s grave.


I hate saying that word.

Anyways, I visited him. I mean, it’s Father’s Day, so I had to. And it’s not like I don’t want to visit him… it’s just far. And I mean what do you say to a big rock and some grass that’s supposed to represent a person? It was weird. I really should go more often, though…

Well today is definitely not the kind of Fathers Day I’m used to.

I still remember last year as if it happened yesterday.

Dad was sick and weak, but we knew a bone marrow match had been found. We were positive about the situation. I, as a waitress at Moxies at the time, was not smart enough to book off work that evening. I was serving tables of families celebrating their dad’s. I guess at the time I had been so positive about the situation, I didn’t even think that anything bad would happen to my dad and that there would be many more father’s days to come. But as I got deeper into my shift, I realized that maybe I should be with the rest of my family, celebrating the day. The shift was slow, the restaurant was pretty empty, and I wasn’t waiting on many tables. I went to my manager who was supervising at the time and I told her that I realized where I needed to be. She knew what was going on with my family and, thankfully, let me go early and got the other servers to take over my tables. I ended up at my great uncles house just in time for dessert. I grabbed some delicious ice cream cake and sat beside my dad, wishing him a happy father’s day.

Still, to this day, I cannot even describe how thankful I am to that manager who let me leave. Because of her, I was able to enjoy the last father’s day I’d ever have with my dad.

Happy Father’s day to all the dad’s out there.


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Jessica Grossman
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