Don't Google Yourself - Uncover Ostomy
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Don’t Google Yourself

I googled myself and Uncover Ostomy the other day and found a forum that was talking about me and the campaign.

There were a lot of compliments and praise for the campaign, it was nice.

The one thing that was weird though, was some guy said I had ugly feet.

I never thought I had ugly feet.

I liked my feet.

Don’t google yourself.

Jessica Grossman
  • Kindredspirit7
    Posted at 13:19h, 20 June

    The moment I saw you’d found this, I knew exactly who said it. Randy has a feet fetish, we tease him about it constantly so he said you were yummy and then someone said but you haven’t seen her feet lol, just ignore him lol. Oh and he’s a guy to actually know, he’s very cool. He does cave climbing and rescue work and he is now a nurse.