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For Those Who Missed It…

I know a bunch of people told me they missed the show or were in another province and or country and couldn’t see, so here is the link to the 7pm show, On Call with Dr. Karl, I was on yesterday [June 7th]

I have to say, it was a really fun experience! I mean, I’ve done tv spots before for other organizations but this one was a lot more fun. This was the first time I was in the CTV building with the sets for E Talk, Much, etc. I ran into Ben Mulroney and Liz Trinnear and a whole bunch of other cool people.

After I filmed the 5pm spot, I had about an hour and a half to kill before I had to get ready for the show. I was about to head out to Queen street and waste time until I asked out loud if I could just tour the building [I mean it’s extremely hard to get in the building so I might as well tour it while I’m inside] and a guy who was in the hall said he could give me a tour. He was a reporter for CP24 and happened to be in the hall when I was walking by.

He took me into all the different sets but, unfortunately, a bunch of them were under construction so there wasn’t much to see. He did, however, take me to the weather balcony which was literally a balcony that weather reporters stand on and say the weather. What was also cool was that, from there, we could see the workers setting up the stage for the MMVA’s.

The tour was quick because, well, with all the construction, there wasn’t much to see, so he offered to tour me around Queen street. It sounds kind of ridiculous since I’m from Toronto but I needed the tour. I’m never around the area. So we walked around and killed time and ended up on this awesome patio and talked. After that we headed back to the station so I could get my makeup touched up before the show. The cutest thing was when he brought me back to the hall outside the makeup room he [very awkwardly] asked me for my number in front of his colleagues walking by. Of course I had to give it to him. [Didn’t want him to be rejected in front of people he works with! Haha] He also did try really hard lol.

The funniest thing, that I realized after, was that I’m pretty sure this reporter interviewed me 2 years ago on another tv show.

Anyways, so I got back and headed to the green room and hung out with Dr. Hillary Steinhart where we discussed potential awkward questions we could be asked on the show and then before I knew it I was in front of the camera talking about my life.

Another cool thing that happened was in between commercial breaks, Dr. Karl had asked me about this campaign and everything and the host of the news, Farah Nassar, had overheard us talking. She said she had a friend who wasn’t handling her Crohn’s very well and wanted her to know about my website.  She said I was an inspiration and I blushed [that word always makes me uncomfortable..I’m just me lol]. Anyways, we filmed the show, I told my story and I wasn’t asked any questions, which was good. [Except a few people told me they were tempted to call in just to mess with me haha]. And then it was over.

As I said in my blog before I wasn’t on the show for Uncover Ostomy, but thanks to Dr. Karl, he made sure to mention it and showed the link to the blog!  So thanks to him, we have some new followers! It was also the first time this campaign has been on tv! Maybe this is the first of many.. hmmm…

We’ll just have to see!

Jessica Grossman
  • Kindredspirit7
    Posted at 00:41h, 11 June

    This is so good to hear. I was sitting in the lobby at my office when the show started, but had to leave because my bus arrived, was sorry I missed it. However, in a case of two steps forward, one step back, did you see this article: I’m sure you’ll be as offended as my friend and I were of the GI’s opinion of ostomy surgery not being for a young woman 🙁

  • Kindredspirit7
    Posted at 00:43h, 11 June

    Argh sorry, wrong link and I can’t edit. I used that link when I wrote to the reporter, try this one:

  • MccallDEBORA
    Posted at 09:11h, 14 June

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