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Spring Cleaning

I’m back in Toronto, living in my old childhood room.

My hole of crap of a childhood room.

I literally have saved everything I’ve ever owned. Ever.

I decided today, that I would be brave and clean it out. How much of that childish stuff do I need anyways?

6 hours and 4 and a half garbage bags later, I’m still cleaning.

I had a lot of crap.

But I also had a lot of memories. Today was definitely a stroll down memory lane. I found arts and crafts I made from grade 1, pictures of me and my classmates from grade 6, and tons of old birthday cards. Oh and TONS of awful pictures of me one steroids. BURN.

It was weird though, seeing all the cards from my mom AND dad. And my Zaidy AND grandma. [For those who don’t know, my grandma died 2 Augusts ago, and my dad last August]. I guess I never really knew how important the cards were. I guess, I kept them…just because. But now I know there was a reason I kept them.

I guess you can say one girl’s crap is also her treasure?

Jessica Grossman
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