Shameless Self Promotion: Vote For Me On Glee! - Uncover Ostomy
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Shameless Self Promotion: Vote For Me On Glee!

Ok guys.

I need your help

I have taken the ostomy

And made it musical


Ok well not exactly.


You know the show GLEE? [If not you need to watch it now]. It’s a tv show musical. That airs every week.

Pretty much, my favourite thing in the world. [I am OBSESSED with musical theatre]

It’s about a Glee club of a bunch of misfits looking to find their way etc etc anddd it’s hilarious.

Anyways, the show has an online open casting call on Myspace right now and OBVIOUSLY I am a nerd and auditioned.  We had to have a 1 minute monologue and then perform a song.

Why I’ve said I’m making the ostomy musical is because the premise of my 1 minute monologue was about how I have an ostomy and how I can still sing and act and dance and fit in with the Glee club of this show.

I guess I’m killing two birds with one stone. I’m auditioning for my favouriteeeeeee show and spreading awareness.

To help me do this though, I need YOUR help! I need you to vote for me!!! [Or give me a gold star, as it’s called]

Ok I think you need a Myspace account to do it but if you have one [or if you’re awesome enough to take 5 minutes to make one to vote for me] You have to go here


If you scroll down my videos should automatically pop up, but if not, there’s a search bar and if you search Jessica I’m there in the blue shirt.


Please please please please vote!


Thanks guysssss

Jessica Grossman
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