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I’m Someone’s Homework!

K remember a few posts back I said I had a realllly cool blog to write?

Well I’ve finally gotten a break from school so I figured now would be the perfect time to focus on the blog. Especially since this specific blog has to do with school.

Ok so a few weeks ago my mother emailed me about another employee who she works with, but who also is a professor at the Ryerson School of Nursing in Toronto. Apparently, my mom had shared my campaign with everyone she knows including Prof Gary Gallagher. The email my mother sent was a forward from Prof. Gallagher who had told her he had decided to include my campaign into his teaching curriculum!

I am part of a university course!

My mom also told me that a few days ago she shared my campaign with a nursing instructor from the University of Toronto Nursing program who also decided to share the campaign to her students!

How cool is that?

I guess it’s just exciting to see how others are taking this campaign to spread awareness! Especially to those who don’t have an ostomy themselves.

That’s something I want to reiterate which I think we’ve sort of ignored with this campaign, and I hope we can fix. As great as the facebook fanpage and twitter and this blog are for ostomy support, it seems like it’s becoming too involved in supporting one another and not involved enough in educating others! Obviously I love the support system we’ve created, but in my mind, if we make the ostomy known as a common thing, we wont need to support each other in “dealing” with the ostomy even close to as much as we do now!

Anyways, just wanted to throw that out there. I hope you guys are teaching others about ostomies. If you are, keep it up, if notttt getttt on it! Haha


Jessica Grossman
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