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I’ve been slacking on the blogging

I suck. Sorry 🙁


I’ve just been swamped with school work. I had a take home exam due yesterday and an exam today and 2 huge essays last week among other assignments. Butttt I only have one more exam on the 30th and then it’s summer!

I cannot wait for summer to start.

I’m hopefully [finally] going to get a real job for once. You know, a 9-5 Mon-Fri thing instead of my usual 10am-1am Wed-Mon work…. Yeah, it’s definitely time to start my career.

Amongst that, I’ll be relaxing on weekends, tanning, swimming, going to cottages, going to Florida somewhere in there for a sorority thing, reading books I want to read instead of school work, and just enjoying life.

Four months of enjoying life.


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Jessica Grossman
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