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Job Interview Today!

I know I’m not actually… but I feel like I’m running late.

I have a job interview as an intern for a PR firm Called Strategic Objectives, in Toronto.

I’m still in London.

I know I should be running aruond getting ready to hit the road but I’m soooo excited. I have been trying to work for this firm for 3 years now. The first time I tried, I was given an interview with one of their top dogssss but I found out the timing was off and I was too late for an internship. Last year, I was asked for an interview, but with everything going on with my dad, I decided it would be better for me not to have to worry about making a huge career move.

And now today.

At 3pm.

I have another chance.


Wish me luckkkkkkkkkk :]

Jessica Grossman
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