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Sooo Close!


The fanpage has 1906 fans. 94 away from 2000. [I can do math, who knew]

Pretty much, I want to make it to 2000 fans by the end of the weekend.

Can we do it?

I think so.


So I ask [very nicely] pleaseeee:


1. If you just read the blog and have never actually became a fan of the facebook fanpage, pleaseee do



2.  Already a fan? Suggest it to all your friends! [If you’ve already done this, try again because some people will join the second time you invite them. Also, think about the new friends you’ve added since the last time you invited people]


3. Don’t have facebook? [Get it?] Or just send out an email to people you know with facebook to add it themselves for you :]


Also, for those who have twitter, follow me @JessGrossman

I use it to update when I’ve posted a new blog but ALSO I retweet IBD awareness information, funny quotes and things, spark discussion, and I post a lot of pictures too. So if you’re looking for someone fun to follow, pick meee

Thanks guysss <3

Jessica Grossman
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