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Happy Passoverrrr

Just wanted to send a quick message out to my fellow tribemates and wish you all a chag sameach aka happy Passover!

Passover is definitely one of my favourite holidays. The family, the songs, and the fooood. I know most people complain about Passover food, but I seriously love it! [Especially since the matzah doesn’t even make me constipated! Thanksssss ostomy haha]

Oh, for those who don’t know, matzah is a flatbread made with no yeast. We’re not allowed to eat anything with yeast for a week. The whole reason for that [long story short] is that when the Jews were freed from Egypt back in the day, they had to get their butts out as fast as they could in case the Pharoh changed his mind about letting them go. They left so fast that the bread they were making didn’t have time to rise, so it was flat. Hence; matzah.

Anyways, the story of Passover is so much longer and includes frogs and blood and the parting of the red sea etc etc. Makes a nice bedtime story actually. And movie. Charlton Hesston in the 10 Commandments? Amazing.

But yeah, just wanted to say happy holidaysssssssss. Enjoy the brisket.


Jessica Grossman
  • tomas
    Posted at 01:20h, 01 April

    Hola mi nombre es Tomas . Chileno de la quinta region valparaiso Chile, dos años con ostomia ( cancer al colon)
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    a las actividades de la corporacion,
    Para mi fue muy interesante haber encontrado vuestra pagina y espero compartir experiencias y conocimientos
    con uds , ademas de mantener esta coneccion y que no se rompa la comunicacion, felicitaciones y exito en todo
    un abrazo y espero contar con uds ..