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Bet You Don’t Know Anyone’s Whose Climbed Mount Everest

Well I know a bunch of people who are about to!

The IBD Adventures team is trekking up there March 29th through April 19th to raise money and awareness for IBD and IDEAS.

Rob Hill, John O’Shaughnessy, and Paul Head are three great men from IDEAS who I know quite well. During this summer, I spent a wonderful week with these men, hammering out the details, making the content, and creating Uncover Ostomy. Now, they are taking on another challenge to spread awareness.

For Rob, this Everest adventure is the last summit he needs in his Seven Summits awareness campaign. Yep, he’s climbed six out of the seven highest mountains in the world. Amazing.

Along with these three men are Carly Lindsay and Clinton Shard, both campers from Horizon, the same ostomy camp I went to back in the day. I have no words to describe these two, other than absolutely amazing. They are both younger than I am, but have more courage than I ever will.

I really just wanted to blog about this campaign because it’s so freakin’ cool. I mean, they’re climbing Mount Everest!

But besides it being so cool, I just wanted to help spread awareness about this campaign for IDEAS. Last year, the IBD Adventures team raised $30,000 for IDEAS by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in September 2009. The money raised, and all the money raised for IDEAS, goes to funding camping experiences for kids with IBD to find support and learn how to manage their illness. The money also goes to funding research to find a cure for IBD. Hopefully, this trek is even more successful than the last.

So yeah, I just wanted to spread the awareness. Follow the team at

And to Rob, John, Paul, Carly, and Clinton, I wish you good health, lots of luck, and that you have an amazing experience. Love you guys <3

[Photo: Rob in Alaska in 2005]]
Jessica Grossman
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