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Holy Crap. Tomorrow.

I was kidnapped tonight.

Yep, the brothers of Phi Gamma Delta grabbed me from my home because they needed me to participate in a brotherhood event. They told me it was because I’m a sorority president. Well, actually, I’m not. Not until… Tomorrow.

Tomorrow night we have the officer changeover ceremony, where we officially leave the positions we’ve held since last March, and pass them off to someone else. Tomorrow I will be passing off my position as Vice President Recruitment [to a girl who will do an amazing job] and will be taking on President, [from a girl who did an amazing job].

Up until now, I haven’t really thought about it. I mean, I was ecstatic when I was elected but after the rush of elections faded, the excitement did too. Maybe it’s because I’ve been too focused on homework and the likes… I was just kind of like, cool, I get to be president.

Now I’m starting to get really excited. Not because I get to say I’m the president of something or get to run meetings or whatever, but because I know I have been able to work towards something and achieve it. Since I joined AGD, I know I have put my heart and soul into everything. It’s nice to know that sometimes you really can be appreciated.

It also makes me happy because I have never ever ever won a real election. Ever. I remember the first election I ran for was Drama Council President in my high school. I was a very involved member, bringing the council back to life with 2 of my good friends. The council had been pretty dead and unorganized and unrecognized for a while, but we brought it back. The three of us put so much work into making sure the school knew how important drama was. Then, when we decided to make the council a real council and hold elections for the executive positions [my idea]. Obviously I ran for president, with the support of my 2 good friends. The voters were the students in all the drama classes at the school. We had posters and speeches and everything. It was nerve-wracking. The one thing I will never forget was running into 3 drama students, a year younger than me, and I had asked them if they had voted right after the polls had closed and before the results were announced. They said they never got around to it but they were sure I didn’t need their votes anyways.

I lost by 3 votes.

Now, I’ll spare embarrassing myself by giving you anymore election stories… Since I’ve lost every other election I’ve been in… And in case you’re wondering, no I didn’t win Vice President Recruitment through elections, it was a separate complicated vote so it doesn’t count.

Either way, this whole thing is actually pretty exciting.


Jessica Grossman
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