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All I See Is Greeeeen

Happy St. Patty’s day everyoneee.

I hope you’re all enjoying the green beer and jello shots. I know everyone here, at Western is, haha.The campus and surrounding areas are covered in green clad students partying it up. I love it here.

I’m unfortunately not celebrating myself. I had to work from 11am-3pm pouring green beer for patio sitters at the campus bar. But you know what? It was actually tons of fun! I got to stand outside, enjoy the weather and the sun, and made a ridiculousss amount of money. I can’t believe how much you can make by just pouring beer… I wish everyday was like that at work haha.

Anyways, just wanted to wish everyone a great and SAFE day. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do :]

Jessica Grossman
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