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Damn You Stairs

I thought I was stiff yesterday… Talk about today. I rolled out of bed and tried to stand up and my thighs felt like I had iron rods running through them. I tried to walk down my stairs to my car this morning and I thought I was going to keel over, and don’t even get me started on walking back up the stairs. I guess that’s what happens when you dance for 5 hours every day for a week after not dancing for 2 years.

As stiff as I am though, it was totally worth it.

Last night, Alpha Gamma Delta came in second place for Sigma Chi Airbands.

Yeah yeah, I know, second place isn’t first place, but it’s still awesome.

I mean, it’s hard to explain but obviously there are political biases within the Greek Scene that always affect competition results. The fact that we came in second despite all the biases and things, is friggin awesome.

My legs still do hurt though. Oy.

Jessica Grossman
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