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Helloooo Canada

Holy crap am I exhausted

I got back last night from the roadtrip myself and 4 of my sorority sisters took to visit other chapters of Alpha Gamma Delta in the US. It was awesome!

We started off by leaving London at 8am…Well we triedddd but one of the girls had a little bit too much fun the night before and slept through her alarm! And while we were loading her into the large minivan we took, some crazy lady drove up behind us and starting honking her horn uncontrollably and yelling at us! Apparently we parked on private property and she was going to sue us. Well actually, we were trying to back out of the parking spot but she parked DIRECTLY in our way! It was the most ridiculous thing ever. We’ve decided we want to put a sign there saying “Free Parking” and see what she does. What a way to start the trip lol

So the first stop of the first day we ended up in Lexington Kentucky at the Epsilon chapter of AGD. They had a huge house on Greek row that held 44 girls! It was a dorm style upstairs where everyone shared a room and they had public bathroom type things. It was really cute though. What was even better was that they had a house mom, a cook, and HOUSE BOYS who cooked and served and cleaned. We didn’t get to experience it though because it was on the weekend. This chapter can afford it though because they have 177 members! Holy crappp. That night we went for dinner [and I spent a successful 42 cents on my meal] and after went to the university rec center to watch the girls rehearse for the annual Greek Sing dance competition. They looked really good!

The next day we woke up and drove to Macon Georgia to see the Gamma Iota chapter at Mercer University. For dinner, the girls took us to an awesome Mexican restaurant. That night, we went on a tour of their Greek village their university built for them. All the houses in the village were built the same, holding just about 10 people, but each fraternity and sorority decorated their houses differently. It was fun to see how each of them were set up. By the end we ended up hanging out with some Lamba Chi Alpha boys there and then went back to the AGD house for bed.


The next morning it was off to Miami! We drove down the entire day and didn’t get there until 10pm. Myself and 2 other girls were starving so we ended up going to IHOP at 11pm and having the most amazing feast ever. I love IHOP. The next day we went shopping at Sawgrass Mills- an AMAZING outlet store mall just north of Miami. I spent sooo much money but it was so fun. That night we went to the best restaurant ever: The Cheesecake Factory. For dessert I had a huge slice of their 30th anniversary cheesecake. It was phenomenal. The service sucked though cause the waitress stole 5 bucks from me and said I hadn’t paid enough. We were unimpressed.

The next day we ventured to South Beach to tan and hang out. It was kind of sketchy but I ended up doing my school readings and studying a bit for exams I have coming up this week, so that was good.

After that we grabbed our stuff and drove to Orlando where we stayed in a DISNEY SUITE which was awesome! We spent the night then went to Disney’s Magic Kingdom which was awesome! We all bought crowns of different princesses and walked around in them. I was Belle from Beauty and the Beast. It was so fun and we ended up getting a lot of attention from staff and random people in line for rides with us. We went on a whole bunch of them including the classic “It’s a small world” ride. After our epic Disney day, we ventured to Jacksonville Florida just to spend the night.

The next day we headed to High Point North Carolina to visit the Gamma Eta chapter. They had planned a huge sisterhood dinner for us! They had over 100 girls there and they served us amazing Southern food: Fried Chicken, Mash Potatoes, Biscuits, Beans, Peach Cobbler… Oh man I ate too much. The girls showed us their dorm style living arrangements that they shared with the other sororities, and they also showed us their house. They had both! They also said the university was building them a Greek village so they would have an awesome new house to live in. Then that night the girls took us to a local bar and we sang karaoke and had tons of fun!


The last night of our trip was at the Alpha Omicron chapter in West Virginia at the Wesleyn Colege. They were really sweet and nothing like us but they shared their traditions with us and taught us how to make tshirts with letters on them. We sat, made shirts, and hung out in their chapter room for the night.

The next morning we packed up the minivan and drove all the way back to good old Canada.

Phew, I felt exhausted just typing it all out!

No matter how tired and crazy we all were, we definitely had a great time. I am so glad I was able to visit these chapters, meet new girls, and have this experience. I know I will never get the chance again.

Oh and along the way I spread awarness of Uncover Ostomy- SCORE.

Anywayssss now that reading week is over- back to reality. Time to do some readings!

PS; I was trying to make a video but my computer is messed up… if I get it fixed I’ll post one!

Jessica Grossman
  • tamara
    Posted at 06:24h, 22 February

    how do you swim with a stoma? ive had a doctor tell me i couldnt and another one said i could!!

    ive got an ileostomy so i dont know :[

  • Jessica
    Posted at 20:35h, 22 February

    I wear my bag at all times and have never had a problem swimming! I mean, if I’m in the water for a long time I have to change the bag afterward, but never had a problem with it!

  • Ian Comeau
    Posted at 21:26h, 22 February

    Find a new doctor. I’ve been swimming and doing dives my whole life. Trust me on this one.