7 Year Anniversary... - Uncover Ostomy
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7 Year Anniversary…



I forgot.


As of January 31st, 2010- I have had my ostomy for 7 years.


Wow, it’s so weird to think about. I actually remember the month before and after surgery like it was yesterday. I remember almost everything I saw, felt, and had to learn. I remember getting told I needed an ostomy and I remember going back into class a month later and explaining to my classmates what I had just gotten.


And that was 7 years ago.


Back when I was younger my family and I would celebrate my bag-a-versary every year.

Then we started to forget

I actually only remembered it today.

I mean, it’s not like I forget because it’s not important or anything, but I think my ostomy is such a part of my life now that I just forget it’s different. I forget that I had a day of surgery that changed my life. The change is just who I am.




Oh well, happy 7 year bag-a-versary to me :]


Jessica Grossman
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