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Just came back from campus for my audition for this year’s musical at Western

“25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.”

This is the first REAL musical Theatre Western has done in like 5 years. It’s epic. I want to be in it. STRESS.

I think it went well. I’m not sure. I made them laugh with my funny song but my throat hurts and I couldn’t hit my high notes in the right register. But I said the same last year and I got the leaddddd role which was awesome.

My character was Jenny Newman, the love interest, in the production titled “The Turkey Dump- and other tales of university life.” It was written by an alumni of the music program here at Western and was probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen [well was in since technically I couldn’t see it?] It was like an inappropriate version of high school musical with a bunch of kids in first year university and all their trials and tribulations including a love story, gay themes, and the normal stresses of university. It was AWESOME.

The whole entire cast and crew were awesome. We had so much fun, everyone got a long and everyone was unbelievably talented. I know- if I get into this musical- it wont be the same, but hopefully good too.

I miss you guysssssssss

Anyways, I apparently find out on Tuesday. Fingers crossed I guess.

In the meantime I’m also stressing about sorority elections which are TOMORROW. Eeeek. They determine my position in the sorority, my living arrangements including my room and my roommates, and pretty much determines my next year. It’s just really stressful to have all these things out of your control. I guess we’ll just have to see what happens.

But for now, I have to relax and breathe.

Actually I should be getting dolled up cause tonight Grossman’s going outttt



Jessica Grossman
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